Dance Programme for Sun 9 Oct 2016 Hebden Bridge

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Our 2nd Festival will be Fri 20 - Sun 22 October 2017!
=> 2017 Programme
Please contact us if you like to get involved.


Our 2016 Programme offered 90 minute dance workshops; 
booking codes & start times: 10am = #1, 12noon = #2, 1:30pm lunch break, 2:30pm = #3, 4:30pm = #4, 6pm supper break with festival meal "#M", 7:30pm = #5 & 9pm = #6.
The letters G, M, R, T, Y refer to venues - see below.
Please come 10 minutes before the workshops begin, as numbers are limited).
Please let us know which workshops you want to attend when you book (time slot+venue letter, like: 2G, 3R, 4Y, 6T).

Our b&w Print programme is here: (4 pages, when reduced 1 folded A4 sheet)
Print colour programme:  (4 pages, when reduced b1 folded A4 sheet)

Sorry - we could not find anyone offering to dance outside in Hebden Bridge
=> Fringe Festival events for Sat 8 Oct

HB Dance Festival 2016 Programme below:

- listed in in timely order, with time slot number and venue letter-

  • 1Y, 10am: "Dances of Universal Peace", Honouring the Buddhist Tradition

    From meditative walks to dynamic meditation in movement: experience the joy, power and connectedness with the sacred and the group when singing and dancing toward the One in harmony and beauty.

    The Dances of Universal Peace honour many religions and traditions through chant and movement. The founder, Samuel Lewis, was a zen roshi; as Hebden Bridge has a strong Buddhist presence, we'll dance & chant sacred Buddhist phrases like "Om Mani Padme Hum", "Om Tare Tu Tare Ture Soha" or Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha".

    No experience required - the movements are easy to pick up. Beginners are always welcome.
    Each chant and dance movements are taught, and accompanied by guitar and drum - and off we go!

  • Vitalija Zelenevska & Ralph Nimmann

    We live in Hebden Bridge & are teaching these dances with heart & humour.
    "Total bliss... Deep longing is added to the joy & happiness that are always pouring from you... truly magical... a wonderfully creative and healing experience" (comments from peace dancers)

    More about Vitalija, Ralph and the peace dances:

    VENUE "Y", Calderdale Yoga Centre (1st floor), Unit 2, Hangingroyd Lane, HX7 7DD

    Sat 8 Oct 4-6pm we'll lead Sufi Dances in Todmorden - see "Fringe Programme".

  • 1R, 10am: Seated Dance 4 All

    Join us for a fun filled dance session suitable for anyone curious about moving while seated.
    Expect a variety of dance styles and techniques, playful exercises with props, uplifting improvisation and maybe the odd poem or song.

    Wear bright quirky socks!

  • Natalie Speake & Gil Burns

    Natalie and Gil are a local duo of dance artists / choreographers who specialise in providing quality dance experiences for those who are living with a range of neurological conditions - eg Parkinson's, Dementia, MS.
    Through encouraging partners and carers to join in with sessions they firmly believe that the work is beneficial for ALL.

    LIMIT of 25 people.

    VENUE "R", Riverside School, Holme Street (left entrance opp. Little Theatre), HX7 8EE

  • 2G, 12noon: African Dance for Children 5+ with Parents / Grandparents

    Everyone is welcome with or without children.
    Dance in Africa is not a separate activity but a part of the total life of its people. Each ethnic group has its own characteristics in style, worship, dress, music and dance. In most countries of Africa, there is no audience because the entire community participates in some way. A person’s identity is revealed in the way they dance, work with peer groups, and the relationship they hold with others in the community.
    There are dances for many occasions; through music, singing, clapping, and dancing, the community is able to participate emotionally, spiritually, and physically in the act of learning, worship, joy, sorrow, and thanksgiving.

    In this workshop we will learn some simple African dance movements and use rhythm and movement that can fuel our confidence, sense of balance, creativity and connection to our community.
    Amanda will weave together some of the ancestral dances from West Africa with modern principles of developmental movement as a cross generational experience.

  • Amanda Parsons-Hulse

    Amanda trained in West African Dance in Gambia and Ghana before teaching in schools and community groups for 10 years. She recently qualified as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist and now uses Laban Movement Analysis and Kestenberg Movement Profiling to inform her work with children, people with learning disability, dementia and stroke survivors.

    “As a Dance Movement Psychotherapist I enable people to move in different ways that facilitate their personal growth and development. Developmental movements
    set up our neural pathways for our personality through our postures and gestures and create the hardwiring that supports us in all of our daily activities. The body and mind connect through movement and create a language, our own individual body language.”

    VENUE "G", Waterside Gym,Valley Road, Hebden Bridge, HX7 7BZ

  • 2Y, 12noon: An Introduction to the Dance of the Directions

    This workshop is a precious opportunity to be introduced to a very special and sacred movement practcice.

    The Dance of the Directions aligns us with the energies of the earth and sky, moving to the 8 directions of the medicine wheel. As we dance we become a moving prayer, opening our hearts to the essential Oneness of creation and attuning ourselves to the heart beat of the Mother Earth.

    This beautiful dance practice comes from the Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, a 27th generation Cherokee lineage holder, who lives at Sunray Peace Village in Vermont. She shares the peacemaking teachings from the spiritual traditions of her people, and Tibetan Buddhism. Her seminal book ‘Voices of our Ancestors’ sits on many a bookshelf across the country.

    Regular practice opens and strengthens the pathways of subtle energies in the body, bringing increased health and vitality, calming the emotions and clearing the mind. Our natural state of luminosity awakens, and as this inner light grows our consciousness and our heart expands, bringing peace and harmony, not just to ourselves but to our world, and to all beings.
    Max. 20 dancers.

  • Sue Goodwin (StarJaguar)

    Sue Goodwin (StarJaguar) is a teacher, herbalist and healer who love dance in its many manifestations, as a way to connect with Spirit. She has spent her life studying and practicising healing arts, and now holds a 'bundle' of spiritual teachings from the earth wisdom traditions of the Amercias that she is passionate about sharing. She has been authorised to teach the Dance of the Directions by Angelika Salberg, a minister of the Sunray meditation Society for Dhyani Ywahoo.

    For more information: see

    VENUE "Y", Calderdale Yoga Centre (1st floor), Unit 2, Hangingroyd Lane, HX7 7DD

  • 2R, 12noon: Southern Italian 'Tammurriata'

    A Traditional dance to the drum (this is the meaning of its name) which makes use of Italian castanets and a frame drum with jingles as the main accompanying instrument.
    This is a dance of ancient origins, linked to the seasonal cycles of the land, now danced in coincidence with the Cristian festivals which fall within the same cycles and in many other community gatherings. It's part of the many types of Tarantellas danced in the South, this form comes from the area of Napoli which is where I am from. Danced in a group of pairs between any age and gender, it's fun, wild and beautiful.

    MAX 30 dancers.

  • Filomena Phoenix Brown

    I am both a therapist and a community drum and dance facilitator, I love to bring this dance close to my roots and my heart to festivals and private gatherings alike, anytime!

    Find more of my current and past community rhythm work on my FB page

    Email me on info[AT]

    VENUE "R", Riverside School, Holme Street (left entrance opp. Little Theatre), HX7 8EE

Lunch break 1pm - 2:30pm

Enjoy your lunch break in 35+ cafes, tea rooms, pubs or restaurants in Hebden Bridge.

From 1:30pm - 7:30 we'll have a Festival info hub with drinks  @ the Methodist Church,
venue "M", Market Street / Hebble End, HX7 8EU

3G, 2:30pm: "Stride Urban Dance" with Sophie Simpson

"I work as a Community Dance Facilitator – Team Officer, I delivery a wide range of dance and exercise across Yorkshire so please feel free to contact me for information about sessions in your area. Current classes include: Cardio Dance Fitness, Street Dance, Majorettes, Chairobics, Dancercise, International Dance, Over 50’s Dance Exercise + Zumba." (Sophie Simpson)

Stride Urban Dance & Fitness is cool, strong and will challenge your body in a multitude of different ways. Join me for a dance experience with a difference… Hip Hop, Lock and Shuffle your way through the latest tunes, learning funky dance steps that will definitely leave you wanting more.
During this workshop you will learn some of the basics components of old skool Street Dance including toprocks, waving, break dance and tutting as well as some of the new school elements including house steps and the dougie.

Urban dance is a style of dance that has developed from traditional Jazz and is sometimes considered as urban folk dance. It is seen as an informal and sometimes improvised style that allows participants to escape the confines of the dance studio and work out the beat of the streets.
Urban Dance is a great way to improve your fitness as it demands a range of energetic bodily movements so over time will improve your stamina. It is also great for improving the flexibility of hands, feet and joints - Taking part in regular classes will strengthen these areas over time.

A great thing about taking part in this Urban Dance and fitness workshop is that your body will feel healthier and happier and this fun style will clear your mind, helping you feel stress-free.

  • Join me for jam-packed, energetic, FUN workshop!!
  • Bring your coolest outfits – Loose, comfortable clothing!!
  • Suitable dance shoes/trainers!

Maximum numbeer of dancers: 20

VENUE "G", Waterside Gym,Valley Road, Hebden Bridge, HX7 7BZ

3M, 2:30pm: 5Rhythms® with Ben Deutsch

Ben Deutsch from Leeds

Programme change: Francis from Hebden Bridge will not be available, so Ben from Leeds will lead this session. [thanks, Ben, for stepping in ona short notice!]

You are more than a dancing body. You are a feeling heart, a thinking mind, a creative soul and a unique expression of the spirit of life. Ben Deutsch (5Rhythms teacher in training) invites you to bring your whole self to the dancefloor - even the parts that are injured or aching, even the parts that are cynical or resistant. We begin with awareness of the body and the breath, and gradually unfold how these can be the instruments of expression for all the parts of us.

The 5Rhythms practice was originated by Gabrielle Roth, who described it as "a dancing path from inertia to ecstasy." It is as much meditation as dance. The moves are your own, the music is eclectic and the teaching is simple.

Ben started dancing at rock gigs in the 1980s, found his way to a 5Rhythms dancefloor around the beginning of the 21st Century and has been a committed student of the practice since 2005. He began training as a teacher with Jonathan Horan in 2015. He lives, dances and teaches in Leeds and commits to holding his classes with clarity, generosity and honesty.

VENUE "M", Hebden Bridge Methodist Church, Market street / Hebble End, HX7 8EU

  • 3Y, 2:30pm: "DanceBody - Find Your Inner Dancer"

    Join us and find your inner dancer, we will be working with drum rhythms and a range of music from Africa to South America. Your chance to explore free body movement, it might be in the form of a Shamanic bird or snake, a bellydancer, an African warrior or just your response to the drum. This is your time to explore dance movement and how it resonates within your body, how it can heal your body and liberate your mind, it will help you find your inner dance your own body rhythm.

    We will finish with a Chakra meditation session to relax your body and calm your mind so please bring a yoga mat or rug, pillow and something to keep you warm.

    25 dancers maximum. (4 places left)

    Video from Anne’s desert trips:

  • Anne Kingston

    Anne has been teaching Egyptian bellydance for over 20 years nationally and prior to that trained in tap and jazz. She has studied African healing dance, Burlesque, 5 rhythms, Nia, Chakra dance, Yoga, Latin American, and Shake Your Soul and has combined them all in a freestyle movement class she calls DanceBody which ends with a Chakra meditation session so that dancers leave with a sense of wellbeing and relaxation after their dance exertions. Anne is a qualified Josephine Wise Academy of Arabic Dance (JWAAD) teacher and also tutored on the JWAAD courses on Basic Anatomy, Safe Dance Teaching and Warm Ups.

    As well as teaching a regular dance class in Longridge near Preston Anne teaches at festivals and workshops throughout the UK and runs her own business, Desert Dance Healing, taking groups out to the Moroccan Sahara for dance, drumming and relaxation.
    Find out more about Anne on her website.

    VENUE "Y", Calderdale Yoga Centre (1st floor), Unit 2, Hangingroyd Lane, HX7 7DD

  • 4R, 4:30pm: 'A Line For A Walk'

    Chemaine will take 'a line for a walk' sharing her interdisciplinary practice between movement and visual arts.

    The session is based in improvisation and will explore the relationship between drawing and dancing, suitable for all abilities and inclusive for disabled and none disabled people.

    Preferably no more than 20 participants.

    VENUE "R", Riverside School, Holme Street (left entrance opp. Little Theatre), HX7 8EE

  • Chemaine Cooke

    Chemaine is an independent artist, facilitator and community arts' coordinator. Constantly redefining the boundaries of her artistic practice as her work moves between dance, theatre and visual arts, often durational, site responsive and improvised; with a keen interest inclusive cross-­art form collaboration, at the heart of Chemaine’s work is a deep interest in the physical body and the physical experience of the audience.

4M, 4:30pm: Traditional French and Breton Dancing

Traditional French dancing takes many forms. Depending on the area they originate from, the dances can be performed in circles, lines, open circles or couples. But they all have in common to be very attractive, addictive and accompanied by fascinating and vibrant music.
Still very much alive in France, those dances can be seen performed on stage by the “groups folkloriques” or in “bals folks” where dancers if all ages and abilities can participate, dancing to live music.
In the workshop, you will be taught simple dances from various French regions to live instrumental music from Les Panards Dansants or singing. No partner is necessary. Fun guaranteed!
For up to 40 dancers.

Yannick Minvielle-Debat
Originally from France, Yannick has lived in Britain for many years now and shares her passion for traditional dances through singing for dancing in a duo, teaching dances to school children and her involvement with Les Panards Dansants, especially in organising the annual festival in October.
Les Panards Dansants is an association created in 18 years ago to promote French traditional culture through music and dancing. This friendly group welcomes musicians and dancers of all ages and abilities every month in a local venue in Hebden Bridge. The festival runs in October (this year 21-23 Oct. in Todmorden) and regularly invites fantastic musicians from France. If you love this kind of music, it is an event not to be missed!

LINKS: - Facebook: Les-Panards-Dansants

VENUE "M", Hebden Bridge Methodist Church, Market Street / Hebble End, HX7 8EU

  • 4Y, 4:30pm: Contact Dance Improvisation & Embodied Presence

    Develop the capacity to be playfully present, engaging within the inter-connectivity of life in this dance of non-verbal communication. This experience explores being in tune with what touches us, moves us and the impact of the dynamic co-creative process of the relational energetic field we inhibit.

    For anyone with a sense of curiosity and wonder in the potential gifts that life may bring when we open ourselves up to the aliveness of the present moment. A space for creative expression, exploration and discovery, to move out of our heads and into the sensory worlds of our body- a landscape of feelings, images, and impulse. Connecting with the elements within as a resource to move from and return to for support/assistance, while finding ways to release holding patterns soften & open to the new.

    Max 24 participants

  • Sara Carter

    Sara Carter lives in Hebden Bridge.
    Below are two videos with her and her Facebook page.

    Movement, voice, breath, dance, touch and play- come and engage in practical exercises to explore body awareness and flow of energy within one’s self while in relationship with another. The discipline art of non verbal communication- listening, responding, waiting, being, sensing, developing trust and discovering different ways of supporting and being supported.

    VENUE "Y", Calderdale Yoga Centre (1st floor), Unit 2, Hangingroyd Lane, HX7 7DD

Supper with 'The Real Junk Food Café' from 6pm - 7pm

We invite you to come to the Methodist Church hall (venue "M"), where The Real Junk Food Café will offer quality vegetarian supper and drinks. You “Pay as you feel” for your meal on the spot. A good opportunity to socialise and meet other dancers.

Please let us know if you plan to eat & quote: “M” when you book your festival tickets, so they have an idea how many to cater for.

Venue "M", Methodist Church hall, Market Street / Hebble End, HX7 8EU

5M, 7:30pm: Traditional Ceilidh

Come along and enjoy dancing a range of traditional dances in lines, sets and circles to their polkas, jigs and reels, with a couple of additional Celtic tunes thrown in for good measure between dances.

"Peace Works" is a local Ceilidh band who have been playing together for many years for community events and to raise funds for charities dear to their hearts. They have gathered a large collection of tunes and dances, mostly from the Celtic tradition, including many of the Ceilidh favourites and a few lesser known gems.

Jim Ledwidge leads the band on piano accordion and your caller will be Rosie Benton.

VENUE "M", Hebden Bridge Methodist Church, Market street / Hebble End, HX7 8EU

  • 5Y, 7:30pm: Circle dance for all – mostly Balkan + E.European Gypsy Rom Dances

    Fully booked now for those who reserved before 5th Oct!
    An introductory workshop giving you a flavour of what Circle dance is about – no partners or experience needed.

    Circle Dance draws on dances + music from around the world both traditional + recently choreographed, some fun others serious, lively or meditative. Music varies from Bob Marley to classical. I believe we are ALL dancers! There are simple steps to be learnt but at its heart it goes beyond the steps to where we feel connected as one in a joyful way. It's great stress relief – re connecting to our inner peace, better co ordination, balance and memory and along the way you get fitter too!

    Max 25 dancers!

  • Sophia Hatch

    I have been teaching Circle dance for about 30yrs . I was in the process of healing myself + went to Findhorn where I did one session of “Sacred Dance “ and I was immediately hooked! I went back there to do the training , set myself up on the Enterprise Allowance scheme and began teaching all over the North of England where it was hardly known. Subsequently I have trained as an Alexander Technique teacher – completed in 1995 . For me dancing is my medicine ! I love to celebrate the Celtic festivals with dance + ceremony , to dance with live music , to bring Alexander awareness into my teaching, dancing Balkan + Gipsy/Rom dances ,and to see people grow and change through dancing is pure delight.

    VENUE "Y", Calderdale Yoga Centre (1st floor), Unit 2, Hangingroyd Lane, HX7 7DD

6T, 9pm After Party World Music Boogie Disco @ The Trades - until the last train

After the festival:
the dance goes on!

When the dancing is over....
you are invited to finish the 1st Hebden Bridge Dance Festival with free style dancing, socialising - and chilling out, with DJ Dave.
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Venue "T", the (famous) Trades Club, Holme Street, HX7 8EE

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