Dance Festival Hebden Bridge News Blog 2017

21. Sep, 2017

Bang! Here's our NEW web site:

with Programme overview, Event details, day & weekend, Ticket sale & more...


Please update your links - and give us a few days for final editing.

Let us know how we can improve our web site, please email us on

30. Aug, 2017

dear Hebden Bridge Dance Festival fans,

on Wed 30 August 7pm and Wed 13 th Sept. you are cordially invited to join our Hebden Bridge Dance Festival meeting at Ralph's home, 15 Mason Street, Hebden Bridge, HX7 6AW (one above Melbourne Street, 3rd left off Hangingroyd ROAD, opposite the Co-Op). We do appreciate your presence.
we'll discuss Ticketing,  PR, Poster design, Insurance, Volunteer recruitments & more.
if you can't come, please send us your supportive vibes.

Here's our draft programme for 20-22 Oct.
We have a vacant dance workshop slot Saturday 11am, may be another slot Sun eve?

We are currently in the middle of a transition, moving from this web site
to our new web site (work in progress);
PLEASE do check the web site and email with your feedback.

Please "Like" us on & follow us on Twitter: @hbdancef

Keep dancing!

Ralph (festival chair)

12. Aug, 2017

dear dance festival lovers far and near,

"shared joy is doubled joy - shared sorrow is half sorrow" (german saying)

My joy and excitement is, that the 2nd Hebden Bridge Dance Festival (HBdanceF) will be a whole weekend, with twice as many dance events as last year, and more space to breathe between the events. We have a lot of new and exciting offers in our dance programme - see also our A-Z dance workshop listing.

My worries are: I feel a bit overwhelmed with the multitude of tasks and preparations ahead, and I am struggling to organise and delegate the work to our small team of volunteers, who are each busy with other things. There's so much to do, that I don't even have time to ask for help. Time is ticking, and I feel tension creeping up... 
How can we find a way to share and organise the load of tasks efficiently?
I spend too much time at the computer - and too little for my beloved Dances of Universal Peace, with my wife, and meeting friends face to face - and too little time out in nature.
And where's the sunshine??? 

My conclusion: we need some support with volunteer & project management, and volunteers willing to take some tasks on board now (we might even be able to pay something for programme design).
Here is a link to our Organisation Tasks Schedule 2017 - can you help with any of the issues?

I would greatly appreciate, if you could send our dance festival and our team your love, light and support.

Feeling a bit better now...  Ralph

13. Jun, 2017

We are planning about 25 dance events for our 2nd Dance Festival Programme
and currently compiling the dance leaders & performers offers.
We do want some more children's dance activities & may be some more performing dance - please contact us ASAP and give us your details (title, description, photo, contact, links), and we may be able to slot you in.

We hope to get a draft programme by the end of June and allocate times and venues.

  • We are also looking for SPONSORS for HBdanceF
  • and for advertisers in our print & on-line programme.
  • We'd appreciate your help co-ordinating outdoor dance events
  • ...and your support with promotion & marketing HBdanceF
  • Please pick up some mini info-ads at The Town Hall reception & pass them on / display them.
  • if you fancy to volunteer at the festival weekend, please contact Hannah: 07917 583344

Please contact us if you are interested.

Our next public Hebden Bridge Dance Festival committee meeting  will be on
Wed 28 June, 7:30pm 
@ the studio in Nutclough Tavern, Keighley Road (opp. Foster Lane), Hebden Bridge, HX7 8HA


1. Update and action taken from sub groups & minutes from 7 June:

- website report Terry (& John)

- treasurer / money: £135 from FolkRoots? £40 Ralph & Kath? Nutclough donation?
- workshop leaders / programme group Ralph & Sophia
- venue reservations Town Hall / Method Church / Riverside School
- volunteers (Hannah): We need someone to co-ordinate open air programme!
- any other news / info?.

2. Agree on price for workshops, day tickets? & whole festival

3. Sponsorship & P.R person ???
list with potential sponsors (what does this include?) / advertisers (how much?)
Can we all help a little?

4. more use of social media please - what & how?

5. Insurance - when does this need to be done . Who will action it ?

6. Date for next committee meeting and workshop sub group meetings
    - public meeting or not?

7. A.O.B

End time. 9.30 pm


18. May, 2017

ou are cordially invited

to our next public
Hebden Bridge Dance Festival
committee meeting

on Wed 7 June, 7:30pm 

@ the studio in Nutclough Tavern, 
Keighley Road (opp. Foster Lane),
Hebden Bridge, HX7 8HA

We are looking for dance leaders / performers for 21 & 22 Oct. Please e-mail us now.
60% of the 2017 Programme are already covered.


Minutes of this meeting are HERE