12. Jul, 2016

Deadline & Invitation to our next public meeting Wed 20 July 7:30pm

Deadline for confirming your dance workshop @ our Festival:
we want your text and photo / video by Wed 20 July!

Please see our Programme (link above) for more info.

You are cordially invited to attend our next public organisation meeting
on Wednesday 20th July, 7:30pm
@ Aya Sophia, conservatory/lounge 1st floor, Bridge Gate, Hebden Bridge HX7 8EX

Our committee (Terry, Sophia & Ralph - see photo) has been working efficiently, harmoniously and joyfully so far :)  Thanks Thelma for joining us!
We would love more people to "come on board" to join our team organising this festival.
NEW email address: HBdanceF@gmail.com - Twitter: @HBdanceF
CHANGE: Facebook "Like"
page is now: www.facebook.com/HBdanceF

We choose an Angel quality for the Dance Festival: "Kindness" (& for us: LOVE, HARMONY & FREEDOM).
Our Dance Festival logo will be ready in the next days.
We hope to make the final choice and allocation of Dance Venues in Hebden Bridge next week.
The charity of our choice has been too busy to reply to our offer - we're waiting for their reply.
Our Constitution (promoting dance in Calderdale, and establishing a yearly Dance Festival in Hebden Bridge) will be finalised this week.
We'll open a bank account in the next days.
We are moving (dancing) forward!

Would you like to help?

  • Please add a link to hebdenbridgedancefestival.simplesite.com on your web page if you have one.
  • Follow us on Twitter: @HBdanceF
  • how to set up on-line ticket sales
  • how to set up a database for those who like to become a Dance Festival member
  • find local sponsors
  • how to improve this web site (contact Ralph)

Keep dancing! "Hard times require furious dancing" (Alice Walker)

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