14. Sep, 2016

Print Programmes are out from Wednesday 14th Sept!

On Wednesday 14 Sept. our printed black & white programmes will be ready for distribution!
At the Tourist Office & the Town Hall office will be stock piles of the b&w programmes to be taken away for distribution.
Please don't leave more than 10 programmes at other display places around the region (we printed 1000 copies).
Passing them on personally is always best.

You can download and print the b&w programmes from:
goo.gl/2NkYrG  (4 pages, when reduced = 1 double sided folded A4 sheet).
or a colour version from: goo.gl/7v3VvF  (4 pages, when reduced = 1 folded A4 sheet).

The printed programmes include a listing and short description of the different dance events with time slot and venue letter, venue listing & map, bookings information, contact and more.

For details and more please check our Programme link on this page, the venue page and the bookings page.

We are still in need for volunteers (see "Volunteers" link above) to help us:

  • spread the last colour posters around (download from goo.gl/SlRLWl)
  • help us distribute our print programmes
  • and commit for 2 hours or more on Sunday 9th of October

Please e-mail us, if you like to volunteer.

For your diary: our next public meeting will be Wed 5th of October 7:30pm, venue: tba
we may call for additional meetings on a short notice.

Regards, Terry, Ralph & Sophia feeling excited - and a bit nervous)

PS: thanks to those of you who already paid for their tickets - that's encourqging.
       and WELCOME to our 1st HBdanceF member Fiona from Hepton Stall -
       it boosts our confidence, and helps create a base for this Festival

This blog may be updated later.