12. Aug, 2017

A Personal Note from the Festival Chair

dear dance festival lovers far and near,

"shared joy is doubled joy - shared sorrow is half sorrow" (german saying)

My joy and excitement is, that the 2nd Hebden Bridge Dance Festival (HBdanceF) will be a whole weekend, with twice as many dance events as last year, and more space to breathe between the events. We have a lot of new and exciting offers in our dance programme - see also our A-Z dance workshop listing.

My worries are: I feel a bit overwhelmed with the multitude of tasks and preparations ahead, and I am struggling to organise and delegate the work to our small team of volunteers, who are each busy with other things. There's so much to do, that I don't even have time to ask for help. Time is ticking, and I feel tension creeping up... 
How can we find a way to share and organise the load of tasks efficiently?
I spend too much time at the computer - and too little for my beloved Dances of Universal Peace, with my wife, and meeting friends face to face - and too little time out in nature.
And where's the sunshine??? 

My conclusion: we need some support with volunteer & project management, and volunteers willing to take some tasks on board now (we might even be able to pay something for programme design).
Here is a link to our Organisation Tasks Schedule 2017 - can you help with any of the issues?

I would greatly appreciate, if you could send our dance festival and our team your love, light and support.

Feeling a bit better now...  Ralph