Your feedback about the 1st Dance Festival in Hebden Bridge on Sun 9 Oct 2016

Please give us your feedback:  and personal experiences - also: what could we do better next time? Your feedback and support may contribute to us doing it again - or not. Send your feedback by email to - or leave a comment below.

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Ralph, Sophia and Terry

Hi. I danced from 12 to 9pm at various dances and was fun...
thank you all and thank you to the junk food cafe too x lets keep it going x
thank you Sophia Hatch, Ralph Nimmann and others who created it. Xxx
Julie Rose

big thanks to you and the rest of the team.
I was really pleased with the support from volunteers and with the turnout for the class. And it felt like the overall organisation was good - people knew where to go and when to get there and seemed relaxed about it.
I guess if it was possible to make the breaks between classes slightly longer, that would help, so that packing down after the class doesn't feel so rushed.
There were a small number of dancers who left my class early. If they gave any feedback about why, and if you're able to share it, that would be useful for me.
Many thanks,
Ben D
[dear Ben, we heard your 5 Rhythms class was quite popular and rather crowded - that seemed to be the reason some dancers left early - Ralph, festival chair]
I had such a lovely day last Sunday.  It felt as if Hebden Bridge was generating and bathing in a very special light and I think great healing occurred - well done and happy holidays!
Lots of love Fiona

This was a wonderful and unique event. We so enjoyed our day. Although we live some distance away, it was well worth the journey, and we hope to join you again next year!
Many thanks indeed.

Blessings, Alison L

Just wanted to post a positive feedback for a great day yesterday.
Good to see so many people trying out dance forms new to them and interacting with people they hadn't met before!
Well done everyone who made it possible.
Chris G

So glad I made it over to Hebden Bridge! Loved Dances of Universal Peace,
left with a big smile in my heart
Julia B

We had a wonderful day. We danced Italian Tarantella with castanets; shimmied to Middle Eastern and African rhythms and playfully let out our inner birds; danced French and Breton with great live music, which reminded us of all those French dances we've forgotten since we last did them; and finished with circle dancing with Sophia Hatch.
Thank you Sophia and the rest of the team for a really lovely day.